CALFED Bay-Delta Program heading
  • Governor Brown
  • John Laird, Resources Secretary
  • Joe Grindstaff, CALFED Director

Environmental Justice

Man on fishing boatThe CALFED Agencies are committed to addressing environmental justice challenges related to the management of water in the Bay-Delta watershed.

For example, it is important to examine the potential effects of water management reforms on rural communities and the public health and financial impacts of ecosystem restoration and water quality program actions on the large numbers of minorities and disadvantaged people living in urban as well as rural areas.

  • The CALFED Program and its participating agencies are committed to seeking fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, and incomes, such that no segment of the population bears a disproportionately high or adverse health, environmental, social or economic impact resulting from CALFED's programs, policies, or actions.

  • The CALFED Agencies will be responsible for ensuring this policy is carried out across all program areas through the development of environmental justice goals and objectives.

  • The CALFED Agencies develop the capacity and process to understand, monitor, and address environmental justice issues as the program moves into implementation, including identifying and developing specific methods to address and mitigate environmental justice impacts.