CALFED Bay-Delta Program heading
  • Governor Brown
  • John Laird, Resources Secretary
  • Joe Grindstaff, CALFED Director

Revitalizing the CALFED Program was a 3-point plan ....

Consistent with the commitment in the Governor's Budget, the Independent Review of CALFED was conducted. The recommendations of this three-pronged approach involving the Little Hoover Commission, the state Department of Finance and the private consultancy KPMG were incorporated into a 10-Year Action Plan to guide the continued implementation of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program.

Photo of Bay-Delta

10-Year Action Plan

The 10-Year Action Plan charts the course of CALFED for the next decade. It defines specific actions over the next three years and charts possible future directions for the program that will be determined by decisions made during this time frame. The Plan is available for downloading.


Available Independent Review findings

Thumbnail of Little Hoover Final Report

Little Hoover Commission final CALFED report

After months of study, the state's Little Hoover Commission released its final report on CALFED governance. The report is part of a multi-pronged effort to revitalize and refocus the CALFED Bay-Delta Program. The full report is available.

Dept of Finance Seal

Dept. of Finance CALFED reports

The state Department of Finance released its report on CALFED implementation. This review provides guidance to help revitalize and refocus the CALFED Bay-Delta program.

Thumbnail of KPMG Survey Report

KPMG CALFED findings

As part of its independent review of the CALFED Program, KPMG findings are available.