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CALFED Director Joe Grindstaff

Welcome to my home page and the fascinating world of California water. As Deputy Secretary for Water Policy, it is my job to help the Secretary for Resources and the Governor translate the state’s water issues into sound public policy. As Director for the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, it is my responsibility to lead state and federal partners and other interested parties to implement what’s best for the Delta and all of California.

If you have called California home for any length of time, you know what role water plays in the vitality and prosperity of our state. You probably know that most of our water comes from rain or snow that falls in the northern and eastern parts of the state, while most of our population lives in the southern and western parts of California.  And you no doubt are aware of the fact that most of our food is grown in the central part of the state. This means that we have to move water great distances to meet the needs of our state.


The Mission of this Page

My mission for this page is to offer a place where I can share information on what is going on so that you can be better informed about one of the great challenges of our state – how to be a good steward of the Delta and its vast resources. Here, I will share with you information about current water issues, suggested materials for reading or viewing, upcoming meetings that I believe are important and other resources about the Delta, as they become available.

What’s Going On?

There is so much going on right now related to the Delta. The Governor’s Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force is working to formulate a new, sustainable vision for the Delta, scientists are completing a study of the underlying causes of the decline of Delta species, a major court ruling has called for changes in the way the state and federal water projects are operated to protect Delta smelt, and legislation and bond measures to fix the Delta and improve the state’s water supply are being debated in the Legislature. 

Here at CALFED, we are preparing to report about how the first seven years of the program have affected the four major program objectives: levee system integrity, water supply reliability, water quality and ecosystem restoration.

I will use this space on my page to keep you informed about what is going on in these areas and more. If there is something that you would like me to discuss on this page, please let me know by sending me a message at


Suggested Reading

So much is happening right now regarding the Delta and California's water issues. If you want to make sure you are keeping up with what is going on, I suggest checking these sites often -- in addition to the CALFED site -- for the latest information on major policy and proposal announcements about the Delta.

Upcoming Meetings

If you want to be more informed about what is going on in the Delta, I recommend bookmarking these sites and checking them often for listings of upcoming meetings. CALFED, Delta Vision and the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan are moving along separate but intertwined paths toward finding solutions for the Delta.

About Joe Grindstaff

Joe was appointed Deputy Secretary for Water Policy by Resources Secretary Mike Chrisman on November 28, 2006, with broad oversight responsibility for all activities related to water, including the CALFED Bay-Delta Program. He was appointed Director of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program on June 12, 2006 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, after serving as acting director for the prior year. Prior to joining CALFED, he served as chief deputy director of the Department of Water Resources and general manager of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority. Earlier in his career, he served in leadership roles at other water districts and municipalities.