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Archive - CALFED Brown Bag Seminars

Date Topic Presenter
12/16/08 A Statistical Model of Central Valley Chinook Salmon Incorporating Uncertainty Noble Hendrix
Ray Hilborn
Robert Lessard
Andre Punt
12/9/08 Riparian Restoration in California’s Central Valley: Avian Responses and Implications of Climate Change Chrissy Howell
11/18/08 Scoping Level Efficiency Analysis and Finance Strategy for Delta Vision Roger Mann
10/14/08 What Does It Take for a Regulated Central Valley River to Have Ecological Functionality? Gregory B. Pasternack
10/2/08 Biomarkers and Life History Indicators in Green and White Sturgeon: Essential Tools for Understanding Environmental Effects on Bay-Delta Sturgeon Populations Dr. Dietmar Kueltz
7/25/08 Water Challenges in Taiwan Chia-Ta Lee
Han-Lin Lee
Wei-Ling Su
7/10/08 The Discover the Delta Foundation

Ken Scheidegger

6/10/08 The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

Dave Feliz

5/13/08 The Trust for Public Land and Liberty Island

Eric Vink

4/8/08 Historical Ecology of the Delta: Do We Know It? Does It Matter?

Robin Grossinger

3/11/08 Projecting Inundation Due to Sea Level Rise in the San Francisco Bay and Delta

Noah Knowles

2/26/08 Fish Use of Shallow Water Habitats of the Western Delta

Tom Cannon

1/8/08 A Delta Reality: Subsistence Fishing and Fish Contamination

Fraser Shilling, Ph.D.

12/11/07 Delta risk and emergency response actions Curt Schmutte
Gary Bardini
11/27/07 Brown Bag Seminar: The Interaction Among Turbidity, Salinity and Smelt During Fall and Winter: A Work in Progress Dave Fullerton
11/14/07 CALFED Brown Bag Seminars Lead Scientist Michael Healey Presents: The Hitchhikers Guide to Adaptive Management Dr. Michael Healey
11/13/07 Turbidity, lower San Joaquin River flows and salvage Dave Fullerton
Dennis Majors
11/7/07 CALFED Brown Bag Seminiar - Using Advanced Technology to Study Sacramento River Juvenile Chinook Salmon Out-Migration in the North/Central Delta John Burau
Aaron Blake
11/2/07 CALFED Brown Bag Seminars - Lead Scientist Candidate -
Dr. Clifford Dahm, University of New Mexico
Dr. Clifford Dahm
10/22/07 CALFED Brown Bag Seminar Lead Scientist Candidate - Dr. Nicholas Clesceri, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Emeritus) Dr. Nicholas Clesceri
10/9/07 Necessary Elements of a Delta Vision Mindy McIntyre
10/9/07 CALFED Brown Bag Seminars - Lead Scientist -
Dr. James T. Hollibaugh, University of Georgia
Dr. James T. Hollibaugh
10/1/07 Environmental Restoration in a Crowd: A Pier and an Estuary in New York City Dr. Mark Bain
9/25/07 Functional Floodplains on the Central Valley's Regulated Lowland Rivers
  • Presentation
  • Betty Andrews
    8/14/07 Small Fish Biosentinel Mercury Monitoring Project
  • Announcement
  • Dr.Darell Slotton
    7/10/07 Shallow Water Habitat
  • Announcement
  • Dr. Larry Brown
    Dr. Ted Sommer
    Lenny Grimaldo
    5/22/07 Delta Corridors Project
  • Announcement
  • Russ Brown
    1/18/07 Carbon Sequestration
  • Session Summary
  • Land Subsidence Reversal and Carbon Sequestration in a Restored Wetland on Twitchell Island, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California
  • Overview of Delta Island Subsidence
  • Roger Fuji
    David Mraz