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News and Events

Description Format Date Year Type ArticleSource
Draft Oversight and Coordination Program Plan pdf Years 5-8      
Contra Costa Watershed Forum Meeting Notice pdf 9/8/05 2005 E-Mail Contra Costa Watershed Forum
New CEJAC Member and Upcoming EJ Meetings pdf 8/24/05 2005 E-Mail Cal/EPA
Call for Workshop Proposals Forum on the Public Health Impact of Fish Contamination: Collaborating on Outreach and Education for Diverse Communities pdf 8/10/05 2005 E-Mail The Delta Watershed Fish Project
Delta Watershed Fish Project Forum on Fish Contamination pdf 8/10/05 2005 E-Mail The Delta Watershed Fish Project
California Water Policy Conference pdf 8/9/05 2005 E-Mail http://www.
Delta Watershed Fish Projects - Training on Fish Contamination - Train the Trainers Seminar pdf 7/19/05 2005 E-Mail Contact:
Sun Lee
Dept of Health Services
California Environmental Protection Agency EJ Small Grants Program Weblink 7/18/05 2005 E-Mail Cal-EPA
Comment Period for Environmental Justice Strategic Plan Framework and Outline pdf 6/27/05 2005 E-Mail Cal-EPA
CBDA-BDPAC Authority Joint Meeting (6/8/05) pdf 6/1/05 2005 E-mail California Bay-Delta Authority
California Water Plan Public Meetings Information pdf 6/1/05 2005 E-mail Dept of Water Resources
CALEPA Two-Day Meeting Agenda  pdf 6/1/05 2005 E-mail CAL-EPA CEJAC Agenda
Analysis of Exposure to Pollution and EJ Predictors Weblink 6/1/05 2005 E-mail California Communities Against Toxics (Jane  Williams)
Enivironmental Justice Review pdf 5/11/05 2005 Newsletter Jones and Stokes
CAL/EPA Environmental Justice Advisory Committee pdf 5/11/05 2005 E-mail  
Ever wonder what California 's environmental justice movement is up? pdf 5/4/05 2005 E-Mail California Communities Against Toxics
The Boalt Hall Environmental Law Society Invitation pdf 3/7/05 2005 E-mail
FW: SFGate: GREEN/Marie Harrison And The Fight For Bayview-Hunters Point pdf 2/2/05 2005 Article
EPA: The Federal Award will allow a local inland tribe to monitor drinking water pollution pdf 2/2/05 2005 Article The Press Enterprise
Residents Urged to Fight Cancer Causing Agent in Water pdf 2/2/05 2005 Article Black Voice Online

Urban Creeks/Environmental Justice Issues Ideas Spring for Rheem Restoration

pdf 1/30/2005 2005 Article Contra Costa Times
Klamath River Basin Tribe Fights Dams to Get Diet Back pdf 1/30/2005 2005 Article Washington Post
Environmental Justice Online Discussion Forum pdf 1/27/05 2005 E-mail Cal-EPA
Department of Water Resources California Water News pdf 1/25/05 2005 Series of Articles Various
DHS Fish Mercury Project pdf 1/13/05 2005    

Request for Nominations to the Fish Mercury Project Steering Committee

pdf 12/31/04 2004 document Dept of Health Services

Groundwater Quality/Environmental Justice Issue Up to Its Neck in Water Woes

pdf 12/15/04 2004 Article Los Angeles Times
Environmental injustice Plant saved millions by breaking rules By Chris Bowman -- Bee Staff Writer html 12/12/04 2004 Article Sacramento Bee

SAN FRANCISCO BAY / ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE ISSUE Campus Bay 's toxic legacy coming to light

pdf 11/28/04 2004 Article Contra Costa Times
The Community Pace-Setter Takes a Look at Environmental Justice in Portland and Beyond pdf 11/17/2004 2004 Newsletter  
California Bay-Delta Authority Finance Plan Public Workshop - November 15, 2004 pdf 11/15/2004 2004 Document  
Outcry Spurs Clean Up Shirt to Toxic Agency by Richard Brenneman pdf 11/12/2004 2004 Article The Berkeley Planet
Parchester Village Residents Fight to Preserve Breuner Marsh pdf 11/12/2004 2004 Article The Berkeley Planet
A Victim's Plea by Sherry Padgett pdf 11/12/2004 2004 Article The Berkeley Planet
California Water News pdf 11/12/2004 2994 Document  
Agencies and Environmental Justice, Articles from California Water News pdf 11/9/2004 2004 Article  
Cal EPA Environmental Justice Meeting Screen Shot of EPA Web pdf 11/8/2004 2004 Document  
Zenica Site Cleanup Efforts in Richmond, CA by Jane Williams pdf 11/6/2004 2004 Document  
California Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials by Sherry P. Padgett pdf 11/6/2004 2004 Document
Envionmental Justice Standards - Tempers Flare Over Campus Bay Project pdf 10/29/2004 2004 Article Berkeley Daily Planet
Watershed Funds Database pdf 10/28/2004 2004 Document  
Three Articles for EJ List Stakeholders pdf 10/26/2004 2004 Article
Drinking Water Standards - Environmental Justice Issues - A first for charity - $1 million grant for drinking water - dirty water called threat to communities pdf 10/9/2004 2004 Article San Francisco Chronicle
Reservoir Operations - Environmental Justice Issues - Indians seeking a voice on dam - Lack of tribal status hinders Wintu in Shasta Debate pdf 10/9/2004 2004 Article Sacramento Bee
Draft 10-year Finance Plan Straw Proposals pdf 10/7/2004 2004 Document
Press Release - Award Recipients Announced by the California Water Policy Conference pdf 10/6/2004 2004 Document
Statewide Planning - California Cuts its Population Projection pdf 10/4/2004 2004 Article Los Angeles Times
Bay-Delta Estuary - Environmental Justice Issue (Cleanup of marsh to start next week) pdf 10/2/2004 2004 Article  
Cal EPA Environmental Justice Workplan pdf 9/28/2004 2004 Document  
Bay-Delta Public Advisory (BDPAC) Topics pdf 9/4/2004 2004 Document  
Department of Water Resources - California Water News - American River Mercury Pollution pdf 9/3/2004 2004 Article Sacramento Bee
Bay-Delta Estuary - Environmental Justice Issues - Groups Appeal Decision on SF Dioxins pdf 8/13/2004 2004 Article  
Groundwater Cleanup - Environmental Justice Issues pdf 8/12/2004 2004 Article Riverside-Press Enterprise
Environmental Justice Final Work Plan - As Approved by BDPAC 2002 pdf 8/11/2004 2004 Document  
State Water Resources Control Board Regional Water Quality Control Boards Environmental Justice Project pdf   2004 Document  
Information of Geopgraphic Information Systems (GIS) pdf 7/9/2004 2004 Document  
10-Year Finance Plan pdf 7/9/2004 2004 Article  
Environmental Justice Framework pdf 12/1/2003 2003 Document  
Enivonmental Justice Article - Lake County Record Bee (By Margaret Gan-Garrison) shtml 11/5/2003 2003 Article
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights "Not in My Backyard" Executive Order 12,8898 and Title VI and Tools for Achieving Environmental Justice pdf 9/4/2003 2003 Document  
Perceptions of Third-Party Interest Groups on Compensation and Mitigation for Water Transfer Impacts pdf 9/1/2003 2003 Document  
General Environmental Justice Provisions of Law (By Juan Aguino) pdf 7/15/2003 2004 Document
Oversight and Coordination Years 4-7 Program Plans pdf 7/10/2003 2003 Document  
Potential GIS Data Sources to Address Environmental Justice Issues in the CALFED Solution Area (by Jones and Stokes) pdf 6/30/2003 2003 Document  
Environmental Justice Priorities List by 2003-2004 (adopted and approved by the Environmental Justice Subcommittee on 5/9/03) pdf 5/9/2003 2003 Document
State Net News and Analysis - Environmental Justice Rising (by William J. Kelly) url 5/1/2003 2003 Article
Environmental Justice Case Study Worksheet - The Four Domains (By Ken McGhee) pdf 1/12/2003 2003 Document  
Economic Effects on Land Idling for Temporary Water Transfers (By Roger Mann) pdf 5/1/2002 2002 Document  
Environmental Justice Tool Analysis pdf 4/1/2002 2002 Document  
Questions and Answers regading Environmental Justice and Executive Order #12898 pdf 4/1/2002 2002 Document  
EJ Work Plan pdf 12/13/2000 2000 Document  
EJ Annual Plan pdf 12/13/2000 2000 Document