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  • Governor Brown
  • John Laird, Resources Secretary
  • Joe Grindstaff, CALFED Director

Delta Electronic News

  • 8/11/09: Delta Dawn
    Scientists and policy wonks seem to be in general agreement on this: that it's time to close out the current management epoch on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and begin anew. There's less accord on how to proceed. Experts in the areas of ecosystem restoration, agriculture, water quality and fisheries are interviewed.

  • 2/12/08: California Dry
    California's water issues, including those surrounding the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, are highlighted in this documentary by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Several major leaders of California water are interviewed, including CALFED Director Joe Grindstaff. For transcripts, call 416-205-6010.

  • 12/11/07: The Delta and California's Water and Economy (mp3)
    The problems surrounding California's Delta have reached the other side of the pond in this British Broadcasting Corporation report on the issues of the Delta and their similarities to New Orleans. Philip Isenberg, chairman of the Governor's Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force is interviewed for this in-depth report. For transcript information, please call 703-998-2170.
  • 11/5/07: Environmental Issues Fuel California's Water Wars, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer
    This in-depth look at California's water woes focuses on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta as the hub of the state's water supply and a recent judge's ruling that blocks water exports in an attempt to save the endangered Delta smelt. The story also profiles the state's dependence on the Delta and what many believe is the onset of a multi-year drought. For transcript information, please call 1-800-898-4921